Best Practices on B2B Tech SEO

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Marketing teams have so many responsibilities - from branding to campaigns, events to PR. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why B2B SEO services are regularly forgotten about or even completely ignored.

However, getting your brand in front of potential customers - instead of a competitor’s - is more vital than ever before, because so many of us are now relying on web search in both our home and work lives.



A Google search study found 71% of searchers select a link on the first page, with second or third page links only clicked through 6% of the time!


What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO marketing from Blabbermouth Marketing

In a nutshell, SEO is how well your website, social media profile or other online identity ranks when searched.  And let's face it, no business wants to be on the second page of a Google search.

Maybe it’s technological intimidation, a lack of understanding or simply not having enough time in the day, but for businesses, especially those in the channel where the mastery of technology is so integral to brand credibility, SEO simply cannot be ignored.

Other than being the belle of Google’s ball, there are even more benefits of strong SEO. Marketing resources can be used more efficiently, as you don’t have to market as intensely to get your brand recognised or spend so much for pay-per-click advertising.

Plus, it’s great for your brand credibility, especially for technology and telecoms companies. With so many vendors and resellers all talking about the same types of technology, anything you can do to help your business stand out from the competition is well worth investing in.


What is it that makes Blabbermouth's SEO marketing services so different?

We leverage a broad range of online services that monitor every common online directory in which our client’s brands are listed and ensure they’re up to date. To learn more, download our Top 10 tips by registering above and we’ll send you a free SEO audit of your website!


Research the keywords that actually work for what you do

Above all, make sure you research the keywords the will make a difference in your lead generation

Effective SEO profiles need to reflect what you’re good at, or if you have a specific speciality within your industry. They also need to reflect what those new to your industry may search for.

For example, if you're a cloud-hosting business, it’s all well and good using terms like colocation, failover, and other specific industry terminology. But you also need to cater for the other side of the coin too by including terms like ‘online backup’ or ‘save to cloud’.

So, find out what those keywords are and adjust your copy to ensure they are included within the body and used in the meta description, to give yourself the best chance of getting noticed.



Our clients have some things to say about Blabbermouth Marketing services, including for SEO marketing.


John Gillborn

"Blabbermouth was like a breath of fresh air... they really understand the way to attract customers to us [and] keep the relationship and dialog alive."


Steve Larkinson

"We are delighted with the way our image has evolved since engaging with Blabbermouth two years ago. At exhibitions we now stand shoulder to shoulder with companies much larger than ours. They are easy to work with, understand deadlines and take the lead in projects. I have no hesitation in working with them."


Craig McCalley

"We are extremely pleased with the ROI Blabbermouth have delivered. Their marketing activity has undoubtedly increased our sales."


What results can you expect from good SEO?

SEO - Internet Concept Magnifying Glass with SEO and Growth Chart Icon on Old Paper with Red Vertical Line Background.Let’s be honest, getting to the top of Google’s page 1 search results should always be the ultimate aim. Being the first name on the list is not only great for your sales, but it’s also incredibly good for credibility and brand recognition.

And with strong SEO you don’t have to spend disproportionate amounts on advertising your way to the top!

The better you become at optimising your site, the more prospects will be driven to your website and your inbound calls will increase in line with that. You’ll also find that your callers will be more confident in what they want and quicker to purchase, as they are more likely to have read your blogs and know that you’re the person they want to deal with.

This is a really important factor, especially in the midst of the pandemic, when shortening sales cycles is a considerable focus for many businesses in the Channel.


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